Rozvoj komunikačních kompetencí ve virtuální realitě

VR Team – trénink komunikace

Effective communication is one of the key professional competencies of the 21st century.
The VR Team aims to strengthen communication skills using virtual reality technologies.

The VR Team project is based on a realistic simulation of the environment in 360° cinematic VR, thanks to which it is easy to put yourself in the role of an actor and solve prepared communication situations. It offers modern, safe and attractive communication training.

Communication training for teachers

The project is currently focused mainly on the school environment. VR simulations allow you to put yourself in the role of a teacher and solve a variety of communication challenges. In these training scenarios, you will learn about situations aimed at managing communication with students, classroom management, but also communication with parents.

VR training is based on experience-based learning. It is based on exposure to prepared scenarios that teachers often encounter (for example, an uncooperative, passive or aggressive student). These situations are described as pedagogical challenges – they are challenging, complex or problematic for teachers.

Course of VR training

VR training is easy and safe. Although we provide training in our lab, it can be done virtually anywhere – all you need is a room with a computer and VR glasses. The computer is controlled by an operator, and the trainee just puts on the VR goggles. The goggles run an audiovisual simulation, for example a challenging situation in a school classroom. The operator controls the scenario on the computer, which evolves according to the trainee’s reactions.

  • The actor can interact freely and thus influence the course of the scenario.
  • The actor does not move during the training, so it is possible to use small spaces for the training.
  • The whole training can be recorded (e.g. on a USB drive) or displayed on a projector if other people are watching the training.
  • After the simulation, the situation and the actor’s reactions can be analysed (e.g. with a supervisor, with a group or individually)

Solving communication situations in the VR Team project brings the participants not only an immersive experience of the depicted environment, but especially the opportunity to react naturally to situations, repeat them and train effective communication strategies.

Interested in more?

Watch the video presentation of our project.